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We are proud to announce the newest addition to the 4-H Clothing and Textiles project –

Duds to Dazzle

Duds to Dazzle is a 4-H Roundup qualifying contest that allows members the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned in the 4-H Clothing & Textile project. The contest mirrors the Food Challenge, and focuses on making a viable product by recycling a textile that no longer serves its original purpose. Teams of 3 to 5 members will create a repurposed item from a predetermined textile. The teams will have 60 minutes to design and construct their product, which will fit into one of three categories: Wearable, Accessory/Jewelry and Non-Wearable. Each team will give a presentation to a panel of judges explaining their design process and the steps taken to create the end product, how the item would be cared for, safety precautions taken into consideration, the target audience and purchasing venue, and the price for the sale of their created merchandise. The first place district team from each of the three categories in the senior age division will advance to the state contest taking place Thursday, June 11th at Texas 4-H Roundup in College Station.

The contest guide and a wealth of resources are currently available at http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/clothings-textiles. Check periodically for additional sources being added and future training opportunities being announced.

We are getting teams together please call the office @ 830-393-7357 if you are interested in this project.

Below information remained on site for reference - will update as soon as information is shared by Extension Office.

Project Leader Training

Date:  10/29/13 (changed from 9/10/13)

Time: 6:30 PM

Location:  Annex III Extension Meeting Room


Discussion Topics:


1.  Clothing Workshop Planning Committee - County Line (Shirley Stanush & Darla Buccigrassi), Labatt & Tower Lake along with Angelique Colby (Wood Valley) will be at the training to help determine what to do at the county workshop.  We discussed working on whatever we decide that the County Community Service would be.  We also discussed inviting one of the EEA ladies to see if they would like to join us to see how they could be involved in helping at the workshop?  


2.  Clothing Community Service Project - Discussed the drilling of a well...Adult Leaders bringing ideas:  Shirley Stanush / Darla Buccigrossi - constructing pads made by covering blankets to be used as a mat or palette (International Project).  Valarie Campos - Bringing info about Kaci's Hospital Gown Project 


3.  Fashion Show - Discussed changing the date from Thursday April 10th to Saturday April 5th in hopes that more will participate? 


4.  State Quilt Challenge - Tower Lake & County Line are interested in participating in Quilt Challenge, discuss in more detail at the training


There are exciting things going on with the 4-H Clothing and Textiles project. The 2014 4-H Clothing Packet is available at http://fcs.tamu.edu/clothing/4h/packet/index.php. The 2014 Clothing Packet includes the guidelines, rules and regulations for the Fashion Show, Fashion Storyboard contest and Trashion Show contest which will be held at the Texas 4-H Roundup. The packet also includes information on how to apply for the Clothing and Textiles Advisory Board and information on the Statewide Quilt Challenge Community Service project.  The website includes all contest documents in a fillable PDF format. Please discard the 2013 Roundup materials as information in the guide has changed.

Please review changes to the contest rules and paperwork.

Fashion Show
New      Fashion Show Categories
Construction: 1) Everyday Living, 2) ReFashion, 3) Semi-Formal to Formal, 4) Theatre/Costume
Buying:  1) Business/Interview Attire, 2) Fantastic Fashions under $25, 3) Semi-Formal to Formal, 4) Special Interest
Natural Fiber:  1) Cotton, 2) Wool/Mohair/Alpaca

Two copies of the Fashion Show paperwork required to be mailed in by May 14, 2014.
Rule change: First place winners may enter the same category in which they have previously been awarded a first place at Texas 4-H Roundup.
Fashion Show paperwork has changed. Each of the Fashion Show Divisions (Construction, Buying & Natural Fiber) has its own paperwork packet.

Trashion Show (new invitational contest)

  • Teams of 1-4 members submit a video application. Video submissions should include: introduction of team members, process for creating your design, materials used in garment, how      the outfit was constructed, inspiration and environmental factoid. Videos submission deadline April 1, 2014.     
  • Top 10 teams will be invited to compete in the Trashion Show Invitational
  • Teams chosen will go through an interview process and have their garment modeled on stage at the 4-H Fashion Show at Texas 4-H Roundup.
  • See Trashion Show Guidelines for complete contest information.

Fashion Storyboard:  The following design brief will serve as the direction for the 2014 Fashion Storyboard contest.

Geometry Lesson: 
It is time to get graphic with playful geometric monochromatic patterns. Anyone can do it. It is all in the angles. Use your math skills to create your original design.

Quilt Challenge:  Quilts judged may choose to have their quilt donated to Project Linus, Quilts of Valor or a charity of their choice (this is an      addition for the 2014 Contest).

Deadlines for Clothing Contests:

4-H Clothing and Textile Advisory Board Applications (4-H members, volunteer leaders and agents)

  • Sunday, December 15, 2013 and Thursday, June 5, 2014.

Trashion Show Video Application

  • April 1, 2014

Fashion Show Paperwork due

  • Wednesday, May 14, 2014
  • Submit two copies

Fashion Storyboard Check-in:  Day of the event (TBA)

The deadlines listed are the dates that applications and entries need to be postmarked. Please remind participants that NO late entries will be accepted for any of the contests.   Also remind all contestants to read the instructions carefully as points will be deducted for incomplete or incorrect paperwork.

Please share these guidelines with 4-H leaders, volunteers and youth in your county. These guidelines along with additional resources are posted at http://fcs.tamu.edu/youth/.

If you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call. Good Luck with your 2013-2014 4-H Clothing and Textiles Program! 

Angela McCorkle, Extension Program Specialist – Family and Youth









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